Yummy Mummy Makeovers
is the style solution for the time-crunched, multi-tasking mom. We make shopping productive and help you confidently embrace your post-baby bod & your new identity. A common problem we see is this:

You only have 1 hour. You really need to get a couple new tops because you literally have nothing to wear. So you head straight to the mall. 45 minutes later, you're sweaty & frustrated because you tried everything on but nothing looks good! So you:

  1. Leave with nothing. What a waste of time.
  2. Buy another black top. You just have to buy something. Anything.
  3. Buy something for the kids. It's just easier.

Sound familiar?

Well it doesn't have to end like this. There's no secret but a simple shopping skill that real moms like you can apply to save time & money. Here's how:


Yummy Mummy Makeovers are a series of fun and sophisticated workshops on fashion and style. It's a place where you can relax, make new friends while learning more about yourself. With topics ranging from dressing your body shape, to accessorizing your wardrobe, you will get expert advice on how to create your own individual style that’s right for YOU.